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About Continuing and Professional Education

As Florida International University’s online learning unit, FIU Online Continuing and Professional Education provides online professional development and personal enrichment to students around the world. We offer a variety of professional certificate programs in a wide variety of disciplines including:

Learn from proven curricula & top-ranked faculty

FIU Online courses within each certificate program are all developed by Florida International University faculty and industry experts. The content for the Business Advancement Certificates draws from the MBA curricula offered by the top-ranked Chapman Graduate School of Business at FIU, and in several cases incorporates active learning pedagogies and curriculum advances from other highly ranked programs.

Earn a Professional Credential Quickly

The majority of our online certificate programs can be completed within six months. You have the option to start your program at convenient times throughout the year, allowing you to work your program into your schedule.

Learn at your own pace

FIU Online courses—while self-paced and 100% online—are led by subject-matter experts, who guide you, challenge you, and help you apply the course concepts to your real-world, on-the-job situation. Courses are designed to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, so they are available around the clock and completely asynchronous. This means that once you begin your course, there is no appointed time or day that you must be online. You determine the schedule that’s right for you. Courses are organized by weekly modules along with a suggested schedule.

Start and End Dates Drive Completion

FIU Online courses have defined start dates and end dates. A critical part of self-directed learning is to have a finish line. Most FIU Online courses are offered over a six-week period and take between 36 and 40 hours to complete. Certificates normally consist of three courses.

Interact and collaborate with other students

As an FIU Online Continuing and Professional Education student, you are never alone in your course. You are part of a cohort of learners from organizations and industries around the world. Required discussions play an important part in each of your courses, giving you and your classmates the opportunity to share and exchange your own experiences, best practices, perspectives, and examples. All this shared learning is facilitated by an instructor who brings both subject-matter expertise and real-world experience. Your interaction with peers from different organizations, and backgrounds fosters collaboration, networking, and a lot of practical, shared learning.

Practice and apply what you are learning

The ability for you to interact with expert instructors, to ask questions and receive answers, and to learn with—and from—other participants keeps the learning interesting, practical, and above all, relevant to your work. And there’s one more key component: the practice opportunities. Most FIU Online courses include a project, which challenges you to apply the course concepts to your own organization. Others include interactive scenarios, simulations, and other engaging practice activities. All courses include tools, techniques, or job aids that you can put to immediate use in your work.

We develop every certificate program and course with very tangible outcomes in mind. To us, it’s not enough if a course helps you to know something, or even to understand it. We design our programs to go much further, to equip you to do something—better or for the first time—at your job. We ask, “after completing this course, what will participants be able to analyze, identify, assess, implement, calculate, or influence that they couldn’t before?” FIU Online courses draw on a variety of components to provide this practical learning:

Our approach positions you as an active participant in the learning process, allowing you to acquire the knowledge and to build the necessary problem-solving skills at your own pace and in your own style to confront the real challenges you face on the job and in life.

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