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FIU Online Learner Marketplace

Your stop for exclusive online learning.

Learner Marketplace supplies exclusive and fully online learning programs aimed at upskilling professionals and lifelong learners. That’s why we design courses that are:

  • Expert Driven. Under the instruction of top-tier experts and thought leaders from a wide range of industries, our inventive course design means we guarantee fast-tracked transmission of valuable know-how and employer friendly credentials—that way you get the edge you need to compete in today’s economy.
  • Industry Focused. Just some of the fields in which we have earned record success rates include: International Cybersecurity; Foreign Languages; Legal Studies; and National Security. There’s so much more— our catalog is crammed with career-advancing and life-enriching online courses. You can be sure to find a course that’s right for you.
  • Globally Networked. Most Learner Marketplace courses thrive on interaction and connection. That means you get abundant opportunities to globally network with industry leaders or enterprising learners just like you.
  • FIU Powered. Online education is entering a new era and the online division of Florida International University—FIU Online—is leading the way. The unit connects learners to quality educational experiences unmatched in engagement, innovation, and access. As a crucial part of that mission, FIU Online formed the Learner Marketplace to focus on meeting the rapidly changing economic and professional demands of the world today.

We at Learner Marketplace believe investing in your professional development and personal growth can yield massive returns. Start boosting your earning potential by enrolling in a program today. Contact us for more information


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