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Information Sharing in Youth and Family Serving Systems: An Attorney’s Guide

The appropriate sharing of necessary information is an essential part of ensuring more effective processes in working with youth and families involved in child welfare and juvenile justice. The ability to identify and share meaningful data and information is critical in case planning for system-involved youth as well as monitoring and evaluating reform efforts undertaken on their behalf. Despite the value of sharing information, there are valid concerns among attorneys regarding the risks of sharing information and the need for protections to be in place. In addition, the development of processes for sharing can be fraught with obstacles often arising from a lack of understanding or a misunderstanding of legal parameters. This course provides a review of the specific federal laws and regulations governing information sharing, guidance on the methods by which state statutes may be researched, constitutional considerations of due process, and practical methods for designing information sharing strategies that best serve youth and families.



Course Spotlight

What will you learn

  • How sharing information can contribute to improved outcomes for youth, families, and systems.
  • What risks and concerns arise with the disclosure of information about youth and families involved with public agencies and how particular strategies can address these concerns.
  • Which statutes, regulations, and constitutional protections are relevant to information sharing and how they are applied to common information sharing scenarios.
  • How specific jurisdictions have successfully navigated the legal issues presented in information sharing projects.

Take a look at a sample of one of the modules: Privacy Laws Part 1


  • Course: $179.00 3.0 General CLE Course Hours in Accrediting States