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Graduate School Prep

Preparation is the key to effective test taking. Test preparation courses will help you prepare for your standardized test. The courses are tailored to prepare you for specific exams while teaching you effective strategies. You will become familiar with the test content and structure and will learn how to apply time saving techniques. Maximize your score and pursue your academic future!

GRE Prep Course

This online, on-demand course consists of 23 video modules covering GRE exam content and strategy along with 10 vocabulary-building modules. The material is available over an 8-week period. Using material from actual GREs, the newly revised GRE Prep Course:

  • Covers basic content
  • Helps build vocabulary
  • Offers strategic approaches to the individual question types
  • Offers strategic approaches to the three sections of the test: Quantitative (Math), Verbal and Writing

The GRE Prep Course reviews questions from the GRE publication,  The Official Guide to the Revised GRE General Test, which should be purchased separately by the student from  www.gre.org for maximum benefits. 

The GRE Prep Course includes a download link for the official GRE Powerprep II practice software, which is also available on CD in the back of the textbook,  The Official Guide to the Revised GRE General Test
Cost: $369 per person. Prices are subject to change. A supplemental Online Math Review Workshop is also available for an additional cost. Register for the GRE Prep Course now!

GRE/GMAT Math Workshop

The Math Workshop course is designed as an introduction to the basics of mathematics required for standardized testing. It is a companion to the GMAT and GRE preparation courses as well as a suitable overview for the math portion of the SAT. The modules presented in this course will guide you through the various components of the mathematics portions of the GMAT and GRE. Enrollment includes unlimited access for one month, complete with practice problem sets with full explanations and email support.
Cost: $175 per person. Register for the GRE/GMAT Math Workshop now!


Maximize your performance on the GMAT exam with FIU Business’ GMAT course prep.  You'll go over concepts covered on the exam and practice strategies with simulated GMAT exams in test conditions.  Select from a variety of packages to suit your specific needs.

Register for the GMAT prep course, apply for admission and enroll in one of FIU Business’ nine prestigious degree programs and receive a refund for the GMAT Preparation Course fee! Visit the GMAT Prep website now to register.


The LSAT Prep Course consists of 20 live classroom hours. Using material from actual LSAT tests, the course:

  • Covers all aspects of the LSAT including test structure, problem types, problem strategy, section strategy and test approach
  • Includes three full-length simulated LSAT tests
  • Includes two proctored full LSATs in simulated LSAT test conditions
  • Detailed computerized score report provided for each test
  • Online recaps of each session are also available for additional purchase

Register for LSAT Prep Course.